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Frequently asked questions

Account questions

Does ForDebating.com cost anything to be a member?

No. Please click the ads at the top of the web pages or donate to show your appreciation of ForDebating.com

How do I join?

Click “Sign in” in the top right, then click “Create one” under the login button.

Why is 18+ required?

ForDebating.com has mature topics, and conversations. While we understand that some people under the age have that maturity, most do not. Also, we know that it feels like time goes slow when you are waiting to be older, but you’ll spend the rest of your life wishing you had enjoyed being young more.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. If you are looking to reset your ELO simply don’t debate in a style, and over time decay will bring you back to 5,000 ELO.

How do I delete my account?

Contact a moderator.

Can I change my username?

Contact a moderator for approval, donate $5 to them, and they change your user name.

Why should I complete my profile and do you want my information?

The demographics of the website define who tops here. While we don’t sell this information to 3rd parties, having the age, sex, income, etc helps to attract toprs to the website, so we would appreciate everyone filling the information out so we can continue to provide the site for free. You look at the sites demographics at the top of the Money > top page.

Why do I have to complete 5 debates before I become a full member?

This is one method we use to deter cheating.


What is a debate?

A debate is a formal contest in which the affirmative and negative sides of a proposition are advocated by opposing speakers. - dictionary.com/browse/debate

How do I create a debate?

Hover over “debates” > “start a new debate” > click “create a 1v1 or 2v2 debate”.

How do I view open debates?

Hover over “debates” > click on the style of debate you are interested in. The second box from the top has debates that are looking for users.

How is the winner chosen?

Other users vote on who does a better job arguing their side, the debater with the most points when the debate completes, wins.

So this just a popularity contest?

We hope that the community at large has the maturity to objectively vote for the person who debated the best. We have also built in checks and balances to counter this as well. If you see a debate that looks sketch, report it. If you see a good debater vote for them. This site is community driven, and we consider good judges to be one of the most important aspects of making a successful website. Help us make ForDebating.com a fair and enjoyable place to be.

What is ELO?

It’s a number that represents how skilled you are relative to other players.

How does ELO work?

When you win you ELO increases. The more difficult opponent the larger the increase. If you lose the same holds true in the opposite direction. If you are interested in a more mathematical and in-depth explanation go to “Rules” > “ELO Calculations”.

How do I judge a debate?

There are two ways to judge a winner of the round in a debate. A click win is worth 1 point and doesn’t require you to explain why you voted. A detailed win is worth 2 points, but you must explain why you’ve awarded the points. If your explanation is found lacking others can down vote your judgement, or a moderator could even delete it.

How to I vote on a judgment?

Wherever you see detailed win points, click to the right on the detail win review button. From there you can thumbs up, thumbs down, or report the judgment. While the judge system isn’t an ELO, the more thumbs up the higher the judge score, and the more likely the judge is to be objective and have integrity. (our favorite kind of judges)