Are Trumps judicial picks going to turn back the tide of progress?



While everyone is focused on Justice Kennedy’s (and his son’s) ties to Trump through the Deutshe bank, some even going so far as to say he had a hand in helping Trump launder Russian money, the more important point to note is that judges are lifetime appointments


When you look at the judges picked “Trump has now nominated 16 judges for the courts of appeals, and 44 judges for the district courts to fill these vacancies. A mere 11 of these nominations are female (18.3%). Only one nominee is African American and only one is Hispanic (each 1.6%).”… “By contrast, in his eight years in office, Barack Obama appointed 324 judges, of whom 41.9% were women, 19% were African American and 10% were Hispanic.” … “Although white males make up only 31% of the US population, they account for approximately 80% of the president’s picks.


Another point to the judges picked is something you’ve likely never heard of the “Chevron defense”. The ““Chevron deference” has provided the legal basis for hundreds of regulations protecting consumers, workers and the environment promulgated under laws that, in many instances, could never have anticipated the economic, social and technological changes that would necessitate them decades later.”… “no two judges have been more closely associated with the campaign [removing the Chevron defense] … overturn it completely, than President Trump’s first two Supreme Court nominees, Neil M. Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.”… “with the addition of Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court would have five reliable votes — also counting Gorsuch, Roberts, Samuel A. Alito Jr. and Clarence Thomas — to effectively overturn Chevron and complete the 30-year judicial assault on business regulation.”


But there’s more. “Trump has nominated roughly 80 federal judges, 24 of whom have already been confirmed by the Republican-led Senate. And he’s just getting started: Trump still has 139 open seats on the bench to fill, a number that has only grown since he became President. “We’re filling up the courts with really talented people who understand and read the Constitution for what it says,” Trump tells TIME. “It’s already having a tremendous impact. These appointments are going to be one of the most important things, if not the most important thing, we do.”” … From Mitch McConnell ““The tax bill was hugely important, but as soon as the government changes, believe me, they’ll revisit the tax code,” McConnell tells TIME. “The impact that this Administration could have on the courts is the most long-lasting impact we could have.”


From sexism and racism to labor laws the U.S.A. could be seeing a return to some of the white male privilege that’s been lost. The effect will be felt for decades, and will shape this country in years to come. Is this what making America great means? Is Trump trying to return white men to what he believes is their rightful place of power?


Do you think this is going to turn back the tide of progress?



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