How can we change this system?


Many countries say they support freedom, but try to do what you want to do without money. You want to find a small plot of land and live on it? You need to buy it first. You need to get the building permits. You need to be able to afford the taxes on it.


Even if you buy the land, pay the taxes, and comply with all the laws you still aren’t allowed to grow something like cannabis. You need a license to hunt and fish on your land. You don’t own the earth underneath or the sky above it.


If on the other hand you have billions of dollars none of those things are a problem to achieve, and more. You can travel the world, live in a nice house, and buy off the politicians to enact the laws you want so you can grow whatever you want to grow. Money is power, and without power you can’t be free.


Those who have money continue to rig the system against those who don’t. (or have very little) A million dollars use to be plenty to retire comfortable on, and most people could afford to retire when the time came. Even with both women and men working it’s still not the case anymore. Twice the work with less compensation.  


To maintain it the corporations and ultra-rich use fear mongering to distract us while they continue to take what little freedom we have left. (in the form of money)



Even if they don’t understand every detail, everyone knows life is getting tougher. Making ends meet is getting tougher, and those with the freedom use it to control the future, and further rig the game against the rest of us.




So I ask you… how can we change this system?


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