Trump Vs. Obama On Foreign Policy: Trump Wins

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3 weeks ago
January 21, 2020

Earlier this month Qasem Soleimani was taken out by a drone strike ordered by President Trump in response to Shia’s proxies attacking the U.S. embassy in Iraq. This was an unprecedented move in U.S. foreign policy, especially against Iran.

Now Iran responded by launching missiles into U.S. bases that basically did nothing. No one was hurt and the U.S. was informed about these strikes in advance. 

What we witnessed in this event is a far cry of what was happening during the last administration. Obama would have never ordered something like this and even if he did the Iranians would have reacted differently.

He handed them a ton of money in cash and was helping to legitimatize their regime through the nuclear deal.

Trump is the complete opposite he simply wouldn’t tolerate other countries getting what they want through bullying.

Now Trump’s foreign policy is very similar to the broken windows strategy, this video is a magnificent illustration of it: 

Basically when you punish for petty, small misbehavior and don’t just let it “slide” you ensure that everyone is going to be in-line.

This has worked very well for Trump, North Korea, and Iran are great examples of this.    

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