MSM’s War On Tulsi Gabbard And Andrew Yang

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January 15, 2020

This month’s democratic debate isn’t going to feature Tulsi or Yang. They didn’t meet the required criteria.

Given that these two have been extremely popular in recent months I believe that them not being featured this time is the result of a fierce war waged on them by MSM and corporate America

Like check this video:


Last month’s debate Tulsi reached the DNC’s requirement of polling at 6% and still didn’t qualify from two different sources, why?

Because the DNC doesn’t accept the second poll!

Gabbard at the first Democratic debate was the most googled candidate after the debate ended, so what was Google’s reaction to that? They suspended her advertising account for 6 hours!

So when she was getting more people than ever searching for her they couldn’t find links to her website and to her donations.

Like why on Earth would a company like Google do that unless there is a clear bias?

That and much more mentioned in the video above.

And Yang got the same treatment if not worse; he is almost always speaking less than other candidates, and they seem to always forget that he should be in the debate and never even mention his name.

MSM proves every day that they care more about their corporate overlords than the American people and basic journalistic integrity.

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