The Aftermath of Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

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December 31, 2019

On December 18, The Democrats managed to win a vote to impeach Trump in the house. They touted that as a major victory for them, but is it?

 What is Nancy Pelosi’s strategy after they got that win? She will just sit on it and not send the articles to the Senate.

Now, why is she doing that? Because she knows Trump will be acquitted and he will gain major points going into 2020. She wants to drag this as much as possible, but to what end? Trump is gonna be acquitted and he will remain President. And this makes you wonder what was the purpose of the impeachment inquiry in the first place?

Like, do the Democrats have no foresight?  You didn’t win this, YOU LOST.

This is not the first time they did this, the Muller report, the wall, everywhere Trump moves they move the other way. Imagine what would happen if they didn’t focus so much on removing Trump and actually cared about the country.

If you wanna know what is coming the next months Ted Cruz explains what will happen next in this impeachment process and more in this video:

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