Trump Is Impeached, Now What?

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December 23, 2019

Let me just start by saying that the last couple of years have been really extraordinary when it comes to the U.S. political scene.

We have seen the President of the U.S. declaring an emergency at the border to build the wall, we have seen a long government shutdown and now we are seeing an impeachment which only happened twice before.

Now, what will happen after this impeachment is what should really concern us. Trump might actually walk out of this with a few points rather than losing. If he plays his cards right. Or the Dems might use this to their advantage going into 2020.

Before exploring what the political effect might be, we need to understand what the next legal procedures are

This video from Vox explains the impeachment process:

Trump will go through a trial in the Senate, which is majority Republican, and the Senate will decide his fate.

Will Trump be removed from office? Unlikely

Can he lose some political points, though? Yes

The main card that he can play is he is being trailed for basically the same thing that Biden did, like check this out:

That sounds like ‘quid pro quo’ to me.

Not only that, his son made millions working for a Ukrainian oil company when he doesn’t have any expertise in that field.

And let’s be honest does Trump really need to get some dirt on Biden?  

He would be really happy if Biden got the nomination. He would lose some points though if he doesn’t use this impeachment to his advantage. The Dems have been waiting for this since he got elected.

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