The Reason Why Hillary Clinton Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

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4 months ago
October 27, 2019

Recently Hillary Clinton has surfaced up again onto the political scene, following a claim that she made against Tulsi Gabbard, the Dem candidate for, she claimed without any evidence what so ever that Tulsi is being groomed by the Russians to be a third party candidate in 2020. Now Tulsi responded with a resounding tweetstorm, virtually destroying Clinton:


Now, why would Clinton do this? Maybe she misses the spotlight? Does she want to get back to politics? Or is there another reason?

Looking back at the history of Hilary Clinton I think I know why.

By simply being involved in the U.S. political scene Hillary and her family have made a ton of money, there was a documentary I watched called Clinton Cash produced by Steve Bannon, and while I myself am not a fan of Bannon’s, the documentary was shocking.

Hillary’s time as an executive made her and her family a lot of money. This is why she keeps coming back on the surface. Keeping her family brand in the U.S. political scene is the best she can do at the moment, this is why she makes statements like this every now and then:

Oh, I bet you do. And this one:

She does what she does as a way of keeping the family business going.

The funny part this time is she attacked Tulsi Gabbard. Tulsi is LITERALLY the opposite of Hillary Clinton.

An anti-war veteran who truly wants to serve her country not benefit from it.




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