Why A Gun Buyback Program Won't Work In The U.S.

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5 months ago
September 08, 2019

After the tragic mass shooting that happened in El Paso a while back, the Democrats and the media with them have pushed the idea for a gun buyback program in the U.S. similar to what happened in Australia.

Something like that will simply not work In the U.S. for several reasons: firstly, the U.S. is much bigger than Australia both in land size and population. Secondly, in America; guns and the right to defend yourself are pretty much synonymous with the American identity. You have the right to private property and the right to defend that property. On top of that, the Australian buyback resulted in only taking out one-sixth of the guns the rest were still in circulation, so it was pretty much useless.

This great video goes in-depth about this topic:  

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