Tulsi Gabbard Might Just Be What The Democrats Need In 2020

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3 months ago
August 03, 2019

If you have been keeping a close eye on the U.S. political scene lately, you would notice that the 2020 presidential race, while it had some fresh and new faces, was gonna end up the same old way with a cooperate Democrat, Biden in this case, to take on Trump. But the second debate last week kind of changed that. Tulsi Gabbard the representative from Hawaii surprised everybody with a really good performance. I mean check this out



She is a well-spoken, fearless, strong woman.

She served in the army and enlisted after 9/11 when I knew that I was like "WOW."

She is a truly fresh face who is energetic and young. Do you remember the Democrats in 2016?

Do you remember when Bernie didn't go after Hillary Clinton in the debates and she was basically handed the nomination and then lost to Trump?

Tulsi is the complete opposite of that.             

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