When Government Goes Insane

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4 months ago
July 29, 2019

As a libertarian, I really don't like the government and would like to minimize its control over my life to the absolute minimum. But when I say that to people they usually confront me saying things like "Government and taxes are the cost for civilization."

But are they? Look at this video, for example, the city of Dunedin, Florida wants to take a man's house simply because he didn't mow his lawn in time!

and that's not a rare occurrence in that city, on average they foreclose on 18 houses per year. In the video there is a better way mentioned that would be much more efficient than hitting people with these heavy fines and that would be to hire a lawn mowing firm and then send him a bill of like $150 or something, but they would simply never do that, that's not how politicians work.

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4 months ago
July 29, 2019

UomoLibero rolled the dice!

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