Democrats Are Losing Ground And Here Is Why.

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5 months ago
July 14, 2019

Election season is upon us and this election season is looking very interesting. About a week ago we had the first Democratic debate, which featured some heavy hitters like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. And up and coming candidates like Andrew Yang. The debate itself was somewhat disappointing and I think I know why.

Democrats have lost a lot of ground in the last two years, in my opinion, they wasted a lot of time and resources on things like the Russia investigation, focusing so much on Trump and trying to impeach him. What I think they should have done was to rally behind one candidate, maybe Bernie Sanders,  from the beginning and focus on the policy and not the character of Trump.

For example, check this video I know it's from May but it sums up what the Dems have been doing since Trump was elected.  


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