Does Religion have an Evolutionary Reason to Exist?

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10 months ago
April 21, 2019

The study of religion and Theology have always been a fascinating topic for me. I have grown up in a deeply religious family and then I rejected religion as I grew up and up to a couple of years ago I was even an anti-theist but recently I started to dabble with a topic in my field of study, Computer Science and Machine Learning, and that is genetic algorithms, not to bore you with it, a very simple explanation to it is you take the essence of natural evolution "natural selection" and you apply it to abstract ideas and that way to "teach" the program how to behave in different situations and the best lines of code that successfully reach the goal are the ones that survive. And that got me really thinking, what if religion got its foot holding the same way. Not a particular religion but the idea itself. The societies that had a religion are the ones that survived and that "line of code" it's not just biological traits that made them survive.

What do you guys think?

found this video on YouTube touching on that subject:

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