What to Expect from The Jordan Peterson Vs. Slavoj Žižek Debate

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3 months ago
April 14, 2019

Jordan Peterson and Slavoj Žižek are scheduled to debate on the 19th of April and the main topic of the debate is "Happiness: Marxism vs. Capitalism.”

 This debate could be huge for many reasons, firstly Peterson has risen tremendously in the last couple of years from pretty much being unknown to being world famous and he was able to do that because he was virtually unstoppable in his attack on SJWs and the arguments he threw at them were convincing to a lot of people. No one was able to confront him when it came to intellectual fist fights. That is until now, you see, while I myself am not a big fan of Žižek I understand the threat he poses to someone like Peterson. Žižek is mainly interested in theory, he was even criticized by the likes on Noam Chomsky for that, and if we know anything about debates is that usually, the winner is on the theoretical side, maybe finally Peterson is going to get a run for his money.

The second effect  this debate could have is we could start seeing more heavy-weight type debates in the future, if this debate gets enough attention maybe it will encourage more and more people to jump in and we could see the debates we always wanted to see, if you remember it was the internet that first suggested Peterson Vs. Žižek, maybe we will see Alexandria Cortez Vs. Ben Shapiro next, who knows?

 I also recommend watching this video from Zero Books to see what you might expect from this debate:    


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