What Will Happen Come the 29th of March? #Brexit

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4 months ago
March 23, 2019

you have been living under a rock, The British people have voted to leave the European Union on the 23rd of June 2016 and on the 29th of March this year Britain will fulfill the results of that referendum and leave the EU.

The effect of such an event could impact not only Britain and the EU but pretty much the entire world, politically and economically.  

Britain exiting without a deal with the EU  could hurt them since they won't benefit from the economic freedom that the EU provided for them and they would have to make trade agreements with each country from now on.

But also if Britain successfully exits and in the long run benefits, that might encourage other countries to leave and something like that will definitely hurt the EU and the Euro   

and a lot of other stuff can happen due to this Brexit

What do you guys think will happen on March the 29th?

If you want a conclusive illustration of the situation this video by CGP Grey will help you: 


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