Is Trump Going to Defeat Putin?

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4 months ago
March 15, 2019

You read the title right. Trump or at least the U.S. has been in a cold silent conflict with Vladimir Putin. This has started since Putin rose to power in Russia and came on the surface in 2014 Annexation of Crimea.

Despite Trump stating over and over again that he is an 'outsider' to the political scene he proved that he is no such thing and he would repeat what his predecessors have done will it be due to his own will or there is nothing else he can do and that could result in good or bad outcomes.

The video below from VisualPolitik illustrates this point. Trump -whether we would like to admit it or not- has had a decent foreign policy performance up to this point, what he did with North Korea, pulling tropes from Syria, the end of the Afghan war and a deal with the Taliban is nearing, all prove his administration has actually done well. Now if you follow to the end of the video you might get the sense that the U.S. has always had a main goal when dealing with Putin, its to remove him. Would the Trump administration ever succeed in that, unlike their predecessor administrations?



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