Will Trump be impeached?

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3 months ago
February 16, 2019

In an unprecedented move Trump declared a national emergency at the southern border and to allocate 8 billion dollars to build the wall, but what could that mean moving forward?

Trump has shown he will do what he wants despite what the Democrats say. maybe the Democrats are stubborn too, I'm not saying the Democrats are angels but how are things supposed to run in the government from now on? has the split become too wide in Washington?

What I see happening in the near future is a lame attempt to impeach trump buy the Democrats but what are they gonna impeach him for?

The Russia collusion story isn't panning out in a way that will help them and a lot of things they threw at him didn't stick (Stormy Daniels, The Kavanaugh incident .. etc)

This brief video explains  how impeachment works and makes a good conclusion at the end  


for a president to be impeached he will have to lose the support of his own party which is unlikely to happen for Trump at this point

What do you guys think what could the Democrats go for in the future?

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