Trump Vs. Venezuela

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7 months ago
February 02, 2019

In 2016 Trump presented himself as an outsider to the U.S.  political scene which got a lot of people's attention and gave him a good advantage in the Republican primary elections if you remember. But as time went on he diverted from that firstly by hiring Goldman Sachs executives in his cabinet to hiring neo-cons like John Bolton and now to the Venezuela situation.

So you know I'm a libertarian so I'm no fan of the current Venezuelan government but I have to ask the question, hasn't the U.S. learned anything from intervening in other countries over the years?

Almost all of these interventions have had no significant effects or even backfired at the U.S. like in the case of Iran, why not let other countries mind their own business and not intervene?

And if you don't wanna hear it from me hear it from another libertarian, Ron Paul:


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