The Problem With Jordan Peterson

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12 months ago
January 25, 2019

Dr. Jordan Peterson has risen in the last couple of years from being pretty much unknown into being an internet celebrity and a credited intellectual mainly for his opposition to SJWs and radical feminists but what was left in this incredible rise was his core beliefs/ideas.

I started looking into that when he said on the Dave Rubin show that Sam Harris is religious (or at least not as atheistic as he says he is) simply because he doesn't kill or steal.

Like does he really believe that? so I started a little search and lo and behold he is just another 'conservative' intellectual who thinks what can help you survive can be seen as truth and that atheists are inherently  immoral and a lot of other things that used to be made fun of years back on the internet

This video summarizes all of the problematic things he believes

Problems with the website: webhost[at]

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