What The Dispute Over The Wall and Government Shutdown Really Show

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5 months ago
January 05, 2019

As a libertarian, the past few days have been nothing but joy for me. a government shutdown that could last for weeks and even months, oh yeah.

But a few days ago I started having discussions with people from both sides, people who are for and against the wall and I noticed something, they both neglect -willingly or not- few key points that regarding fundamental aspects of government.

Let me explain what I mean, the proposed wall is estimated to cost from $10 to $15 Billion. which the Dems sight as too much, but is it really?

The U.S. spends almost $50 billion every year on if you check this map for example in 2017 the U.S. sent money to almost every country in the world check it here:

U.S. Foreign Aid Explorer

Why aren't the Dems up in arms about that?

that's not mentioning other government expenditures that eat the budget and create huge deficits  

Isn't all this spending worthy of a government shutdown or is it just when Trump is the one who is spending and running deficits that the Dems get angry?

What do you guys think?

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