Is Artificial Intelligence Going to Kill Most Jobs?

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5 months ago
December 29, 2018

In recent years there has been a growing concern in the developed countries from new technologies such as A.I. and automation taking over most of the jobs, but hasn't that fear always excited?

If you read about the last two centuries and pretty much the history of capitalism. you will always find out that there was always something that people were afraid is going to take over their jobs.  people were afraid of automobiles(cars), railway trains and even electricity.

And while they were somewhat accurate to see some jobs gone, that wasn't such a bad thing after all I mean how would want to use horses to commute today or not use their electric coffee machine for example.

New technologies are always disruptive and while they might destroy some jobs they will create better ones.  

What do you guys?

I leave you with this great TED talk by MIT professor David Autor

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