The Wire changed how I watch TV forever

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5 months ago
December 14, 2018

I used to believe that breaking bad was the best TV show ever made and I would fiercely argue with anyone he would disagree. that was until I was having a discussion with a friend of mine and he mentioned the wire. what really struck me was how he was a fierce as I was in defending his position and that made me think "Ok let's see what this show that aired back in 2002 has to offer". and boy was I into for a surprise not only did it knock breaking bad from the top spot for me it changed how I view TV and even movies forever.

If you haven't watched the wire yet, stop whatever you are doing and watch it. trust me it's worth it.

from the acting to the cinematography to the music to the plot and they didn't drag the whole thing for 10 more seasons just to make money, pretty much everything fits in perfectly.  

and the really sad part is it didn't win any awards, how could that even happen?

 If you want encouragement to watch the wire watch this great review by Jeremy Jahns:

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