The case for private police

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7 months ago
December 03, 2018

In any society, in order to maintain peace and civil interactions between individuals, there has to be some sort of a force to maintain that, over the course of the modern state this has been a single entity run by the state namely its police force.

But a lot of problems will arise from this monopoly on force, if you look all around the world and even in more modern countries like the U.S. there is a problem of police brutality and that is to be expected, a single entity shouldn't have this much power.

Now think if that wasn't the case and instead of a government organization you had private firms providing protection. you as a customer pay a monthly fee for this service, of course, there is an obvious argument to be had here where there is more than single entity that could use force in a society  conflicts can and will arise between them and for this I give this great video that explains how will something like that work out in a free market environment.

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