Could The Midterm Results Be A Blessing In Disguise For Trump?

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7 months ago
November 12, 2018


The Republicans lost the house in last week's midterm elections but gained 3 seats in the Senate in what seemed to be a very predictable election. The worst outcome for trump was to lose both and the best was to keep both, or was it?.

I started to think that what happened might actually be the best outcome from trump when the stock market responded positively after the results, we are officially in the longest bull run in history.

 And everybody knows that after this we will get a bear market and it could be brutal and now Trump has someone to blame for that, since the house is responsible for the spending bills they might try to get in the way of more cuts on individual or corporate taxes or might not agree to what trump might suggest to solve the crumbling infrastructure or a host of others thing.

Note that I'm not saying that by them doing that it will cause the bear market but it would simply make them look bad and Trump could easily blame them just as he was saying that the economy was a bubble under Obama and now he is taking credit for the same economic growth and the bull market.     

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