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AWS Thread - Site growth thread.

Posts: 3
3 weeks ago
1/27/2018 5:34:27 AM

So currently I have one M4.Large EC instance connected to a T2.Micro RDS. I figure Fridays are as good a day as any to post the numbers. As of today's count there are 21 users. The site was brought online in beta on Jan 22nd, and today is the 26th, so it's been 4 days. Here is what my usage looks like. No data on (likely won't be for a least a month) throws an error on debater. (likely won't show for four months from what I've read)



From the advertise page. (not all the matrix have been configured yet, and the unique visiters is broken)


So it begins.

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2 weeks ago
2/4/2018 7:24:55 PM

Jan bill from AWS. (it includes the 3 year reserve instance fee for the T2.Large)


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last week
2/10/2018 6:14:54 AM

Still on the T2.Micro RDS. User count is 36 so added 18 people since two weeks ago. (Lower than wherre it should be for a new website that isn't spending any money on advertising IMO)


Still nothing on Alexa or where do I rank.



Still doesn't look like unique visitors is working, and they don't have sex, age, income setup yet either.



Over all I'm happy with that progress for 16 days in with a beta website. I'm doing most of the posting in the forums, but that's to be expected at this stage. I'm itching to spend some money on advertising, but I agreed to wait until after it was fully functional so I'm waiting. cry

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