Gender Theory and It's Dark Origins

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12 months ago
August 06, 2018

Gender Theory, or the position that gender is non-binary, is something that has come to have great effect in many governments. From Canada and bill C-16, to pushes for similar legislation in the United States. 

However, there is much information regarding the origins of Gender Theory that is generally swept underneath the rug and ignored. I'll start with John Money.

Now, money's experiment opportunistically took advantage of a botched circumcision that left one of two twin brothers, David Reimer, without genitalia at 8 months. He then went on to raise David as a girl for much of his formulative years, and the experiment was declared a success upon Reimer reaching adulthood.

And this is where we get onto Gender Theory and its official creator, Simone DeBeauvoir.

You see, De Beauvoir based her conclusion that gender was non-binary, in essence, upomuthat experiment done by John Money. The main issue with that though, David Reimer stopped loving as a woman, and began living as a man, the sex with which he was born. Sadly, later on David and his twin brother committed suicide. No doubt this in part had a scosh to do with the forced sex acts they were made to commit during their formulative years to reinforce gender roles. Indeed, one of these reinforcements was having them position themselves in typical sexual positions, and mimic having sex with each other. 

Given these things, it should come as no surprise that Reimer did eventually kill himself. And that wasnt giving up, that was having the ultimate resolve to take the only path to escape from the childhood life he had little choice in and ultimately not being able to live as the gender he should have been living as all along. 


Given this result, it should come as no surprise for me to say that trans peoples rate of suicide does not get better post transition, it maintains at a 40% rate, which is astronomically higher than literally any other demographic group. 


Trans people are indeed crying out for help, but the help they want, isnt the help thats most needed. And declassifying gender dysphoria as a mental illness as was recently done, only removes us further from being able to adequately help, and merely plays into suicide being taken as an option. Because ultimately, if you think you are the wrong gender, there is only one way to escape that existential "trap", through death. 

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