Why health care economics is tough

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9 months ago
May 21, 2018


Because it's a poorly designed plan. Costs are hidden, and mixed in with hospital profits in a way that's hard to disentangle. Are we the public getting our money's worth from EMTALA, or not? Impossible to say.I will tell you what this liberal thinks: basic health care should be a right, and it should be paid for by a medicare-for-all program that is funded by a progressive tax structure. Which should include an annual wealth tax, because the wealthy (with their unrealized capital gains) benefit enormously from living in a stable society where the 99% are doing well enough not to riot or otherwise go smash things up.

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May 21, 2018

I don't know that 99% are doing well enough to not riot. There are a lot of tensions, and they have been worse since Trump took office in my opinion. 


As far as universal health care is concerned I'm for it, but I don't think it'll cover everyone completely until we have robots who do it. I see the only way to make it happen is to lower the bar so that the majority of cases are taken care of by people who don't require as much knowledge and skill as doctors. Until that happens we'll have a shortage in my opinion...

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