What incels get right and what they get wrong

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10 months ago
May 06, 2018

I'm sure a lot of people started to hear the term "Incel" recently due to the recent incident in Toronto. 

So I started searching for what it means and who are the people who identify with such terms. 

Incel stand for involuntary celibate it means a person who longs for sexual relationship but can't get it 

one of the videos that really struck me was a YouTube video called "Take the black pill", I watched it over 5 times now while I don't agree with it there is just something about this video that drives me back to it.

Anyways what they get right in my opinion is the fact that our society today has become obsessed with looks and aesthetics, due to various reasons, that YES looks has become everything in the dating scene and relationships, in my opinion though this is a bubble people are looking for happiness and they think they will find it by looking for the aesthetically pleasing person only to find out that their happiness doesn't last unless there were qualities in the person other than looks 

What they get wrong (or some of them at least) is somehow you are entitled to a woman's body, NO you aren't entitled to anything and you shouldn't go out and start shooting people because you didn't get what you were "owed".



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10 months ago
May 06, 2018

Incel is about all being mad because they aren't attractive enough to "bag" a female they find physically attractive. They've bought into the idea the movies and TV portray that a 5 male can regualarly be in a relationship with an 9 female. There are SO many examples of fat average looking guys being married to skinny very attractive females it's insane. 




This is simple a case of the media they consume effecting on how they believe relationships should look. They see these physically unattractive males who have very few redeeming qualities with physically attractive females who have many redeeming qualities plastered all over the place and they delude themselves into thinking that's what reality "should" be, then get pissed they aren't getting what they're "owed".

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10 months ago
May 06, 2018

totally agree. 


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