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last month
1/25/2018 10:31:12 PM

Editor working on creating a forum post.

Usernames show in forums rather than real names

Last name hidden by default.

Registering accounts now get a selectable checkbox to join the event mailing list. (defaulted to join)

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2 weeks ago
2/3/2018 5:53:33 AM

Event list working (broke registration for non-verified emails)

Shared image on Facebook updated to FD logo. (still not showing "A Cagematch for your brain")

"Posts you've created" displays correctly with scroll bar.

Posts liked, posts you've liked, and polls you have voted on updating correctly. (replies/comments not working correctly)

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2 weeks ago
2/4/2018 5:01:45 AM

Can send and recieve mail. (Mark read/unread and replies not working)

Editor working on new debates. (seems to be a problem with URL links) *may also have broken character limits

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2 weeks ago
2/4/2018 9:08:20 PM

When creating a username there are no character limits or requirements. I'd suggest at least having a max char limit on usernames. This username is just a space. Profane usernames are also allowed.

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2 weeks ago
2/4/2018 9:47:14 PM

Yes it looks like someone is having fun with that. Thanks for the heads up.

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2 weeks ago
2/5/2018 1:20:27 AM

Had to reboot the server. Looks like webpages are being served correctly again. I assume it was because I changed usernames because the load on the server wasn't heavy at the time and home, bid (not advertise) and ELO pages were still working/loading fine. That leads me to believe it had something to do with authentication but we'll have to see what ePixal says.

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2 weeks ago
2/5/2018 3:16:14 AM

Please improve the login cookie handling. I am guessing it's a timeout issue right now, but in active discourse we are likely to take awhile refining things before posting them. When I went to reply to a topic, pressing the Reply to Topic button took me back to the login screen, pressing back to try to recover what I had written did the same, logging in again brought me back to the post screen but with all my text deleted.

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2 weeks ago
2/7/2018 11:28:13 PM

Prefetch image on Facebook updated to not show beta stuff and include catch phrase:


Sides of the debate should register correctly.

Chararcter limits are back in effect.

Fixed notification to go to the correct emails.

Username limits imposed of 2-30 characters and no spaces.

Excluded some profanity from usernames.

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last week
2/10/2018 8:25:21 AM

Well ePixal did some coding this week!

We now have public profiles that should be clickable from debates and forum posts.

They've added all the static pages to the menu bar. (the formating isn't consistant, one of them isn't in English, but the pages are there now) *Note the links still don't work on debates, or at the bottom banner of every page... only in the menu bar)

Leaderboard filtering works. (most improved in 30 days is showing people who've lost Elo though)

Judge, Tournament, and Random leaderboards have pages now. (Judge needs to be corrected and the forums leaderboard page still isn't up) 

Discussion design page is up but not functional.

Poltical quiz page is up, it's allowing the quiz to be done, but is throwing errors when submitted.

Search design page is up but not functional.


Thanks for all the hard work! I love seeing progress. sealedsealedsealedsealedsealedsealed

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last week
2/10/2018 8:28:09 AM

Oh and they added verfied email column to the mods page, as well as correcting it so mod can again delete users. (I'd prefer users weren't added to the DB until after the verified their email but it's not a huge deal at this stage)

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last week
2/13/2018 9:52:14 AM

For each topic it displays a timestamp of when it was created but can you also make it so that it displays a timestamp of its most recent post?

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last week
2/13/2018 9:57:29 AM

I've only used this website through my phone but does the "reply to user" function not work? I can only post by scrolling back up and selecting "reply to topic." Is there a way to edit your posts?

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last week
2/13/2018 10:00:27 AM

I would like a "suggestions" forum. Another little thing I noticed is that "view" should be "views." I tried creating a debate but it was stuck on the anime topic. Is full website functionality still available by using a phone?

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last week
2/13/2018 10:32:45 AM

Hi... Hi. 

Yes we are going to add number of replies.

The general forums would count as "off topic" and they exist in both civil and profane. (just a note only the three most recent topics show, to see all the topics in a category you have to click on the category)

Reply to user does not currently work.

There is a feature request thread in this category if you click on the categories.

The site isn't fully functional, and I've had complantes that it doesn't display well on phones, but everything that is working on the desktop version "should" work on a phone. If it doesn't please respond to the bug thread (also in this category) and please be specific as possible about your issue. 




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6 days ago
2/17/2018 8:47:09 AM

Greate changes happening this week!

  1. Custom topics fix on the viewDebate page.
  2. "" Email attached in below of each page. (should be webhost at
  3. discussion page -Done (voting not working)
  4. discussion create button placed on the discussion page only for Admin.
  5. Search page - Done 
  6. Searching for difference condition - Done (Filters not correct)
  7. Forum and Judge leaderBoard -Done (Forums next button errors, and last 30 shows people with no/negative improvement)
  8. Rules page- All rule page fixed.
  9. Quizzes - Done
  10. Share result on facebook - Done (not posting the correct picture to Facebook)

Problems with the website: webhost[at]

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