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March 27, 2018

I just recently re-watched the Veronica Mars series and saw the movie that I had not known existed. Spoiler alert*** Veronica and Logan get back together yet again. I always liked Veronica's character and I think Kristen Bell did a great job portraying her. Some of the looks she gave were priceless “I don’t give a crap” face. I think the writers did a good job of not making her into too much a Mary Jane character (Mary Jane's can do no wrong - see Bella Swan in the Twilight series for an example of a Mary Jane character). Veronica does manage to always get out of things which do lean towards Mary Jane, but she has serious personal problems she deals with that builds her character. I also like the dog in the series named BackUp and the references to you better take backup with you. I have an odd sense of humor so it goes well with this.

A couple of characters I did have problems with were Logan and Wallace. Logan is the movie stars’ son and comes from wealth. Even after his parents are out of the picture he can do anything he pleases with little repercussion – this is explained in the storyline to be due to rich privilege. Ok so I’ll go along with that, but his character for a few episodes will be a snotty, spoiled brat who drinks and parties non-stop and then a complete 360 in the next few episodes he’s a mopey, depressed, basically friendless guy pining after Veronica. The back and forth was a tad annoying.

Wallace’s character, on the other hand, did not make sense. I get that he befriends Veronica after she saves him from the flagpole, but this guy is a basketball star and not just a player, a star player. How is it he hardly ever has friends? Star sports players in tv shows are always popular and this guy hangs out with the chick that everyone thinks has the plague, unless they need help.

A biker gang run by high school kids in a rich community? It made for great drama and someone Veronica could use for those cases that toed the criminal line, but totally unbelievable.

Lastly, Madison Sinclair is drugged by GHB by Dick and then spits in Veronica’s drink which makes Veronica now “roofied”. I would think it would take a larger quantity than that if the person who spits in your drink was up and moving around just fine.


Movie spoiler****

In watching the movie for the first time I enjoyed it. It cleaned up some loose ends from where they just dropped the series. We never find out what happened with the sheriff’s race between Veronica’s dad and PI Vinnie Van Lowe. Dead Sheriff Lamb’s brother is the new sheriff and shares a lot of the same characteristics of his predecessor – the mightier than though attitude. Logan is in the armed forces??? Say what? The guy who listens to no one is now taking orders from others below his wealth class – that was a strange one. I suppose they needed to develop his character some. I could see Veronica going to law school when she was headed towards the FBI path before.  Mac winds up in the IT field – a definite for her. Wallace becomes a teacher/coach – I guess he didn’t succeed in engineering, but I can see him as a coach and it gets the storyline back to Neptune High with Wallace as a teacher there. Dick is still his goofy surfer self. They bring Gia back (aka Jessica Jones) and thank goodness she’s not acting in that high pitched valley-girl voice from before. I’m not one for violence, but Madison Sinclair did need a pop in the face.


All in all, a great series with a strong female character lead who goes through tough personal problems, is a good person who tries to help people out and isn’t afraid to break down and cry because life stinks sometimes and people can be viscous.

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