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March 23, 2018

So I was working in Treasure bay in Miss when this slot attendent come up to me and asks me to call security about a guy playing the slot. I asked her what it was in reference too and she tells me he bit her on the tit. I get her to point on the guy and he's right near my table. (guess that's why she came to me) The floor was busy though so he didn't come over quickly. Like 5 minutes later a cocktail waitress comes up to the game and shows me a bit mark on her tit as well. (look like the guy drew blood and shit) So I ask her to try and get the floor over, and he finally comes over. The waitress explains what happened and I ad that he bit a slot attendant as well. So the floor calls security.


Now I'm going to give you one guess which gender security guard was sent and what happened when she showed up... You got it he bit her on the tit as well. She however had a radio and whack the shit out of the guy. ROFL She called for backup, and they 86'd for 24 hours the guy after that. (because a permaban was nearly impossible in those days) 


So it was once, twice, three bites a lady, and your gonnneee. 



*Please note I'm not elible to win the prize and this is only an example of what's needed to be an entry in either the 1st or 2nd contest.

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