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List tournaments where you can win money that are still accepting debaters is a free online debating website where you can have formal debates to practice your debating skills. We have 1v1 and 2v2 debates in 2-6 rounds where others vote on the debate. Our tournaments can be 2, 4, 8, or 16-man for prize money! You are welcome to discuss politics, religion, or money here in competitive debate. If you are looking for formal debate online you’ve found the right place. The core purpose of this site is to pit individuals against each other in a cage match to choose the winner in a fair and impartial way.

ForDebating utilizes a direct advertising system to provide a cheap advertise transparent model to pay for hosting, maintenance, and upgrade costs. Lowering advertising costs by removing the middle man, and giving you more visibility for your advertising dollar. We feel like this is best for everyone involved as it allows us to cover the cost associated with maintaining the website and developing improvements while providing value to our advertisers with the three ads at the top of every page that run for two weeks.

A word of warning there are areas of this site which allow profanity, please do not abuse them. Being able to cuss does not imply that we approve of cussing other users. (there is a difference between cussing and cussing someone) We want this site to be free for all enjoy without being harassed or abused. We support your right to swing your fist up to the point where it touches my face. So please feel free to have mature friendly discourse, and report those who don’t. We also have a toxicity rating for members as well that allows other members to rate you as a “good” or “toxic” member of the site. And minors are not allowed on the website. My hope is that everyone adds value to the site and the community and the moderators/admins have very little to deal with.

Unlike chess, in a debate there is no king to take, so there is no definitive “win”. So, THE most important aspect of this site is judging debates in a fair and impartial way. I implore you to judge in detail often, and “good” or “bad” detailed judgements you see based on how well the judge the debate in an objective and explained way. If the purpose of this site is appealing to you, then please work to help us maintain the integrity of judging, and the judging system as these are the lynchpin to making this a great site. (more information on the judging can be found here -

May the voting be ever in your favor!

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